7 Parent Habits of Highly Effective Students- November 2016

7 Parent Habits of Highly Effective Students

1- Lead by Example
Communicate and demonstrate the value of education, commit to good attendance, model and encourage active listening, take responsibility for behaviors. 
2- Focus on Child's Needs
Support your child's strengths and weaknesses outside of school, provide tutoring early, learn/teach healthy habits, encourage active listening.
3- Are Radical About Reading
Read often at an early age (30 minutes daily), question your child during and after reading, display reading materials, read for pleasure with your child, share library experience, monitor TV and gaming use.
4- Talk & Listen
Help your child develop communication and listening skills, pay attention to what your child says, ask questions, repeat back, value your child's thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
5- Are Homework Hounds
Monitor homework to ensure it's complete, do not complete assignments for your child, have a designated homework area and time, have all supplies available and organized at home, remove distractions, do not expect perfection, praise your child often.
6- Are Teacher's Treasurers
Ensure your child has good attendance and is on time for school, maintain communication with the teacher, know and communicate support for school rules, volunteer, take responsibility for your child's education and behaviors.
7- Teach Responsibility & Independence
Establish and enforce appropriate rules at home, allow your child to suffer appropriate consequences, allow your child to have chores, closely monitor in-school behavior, teach your child organization and planning skills.