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Distance Learning Plans


Click here to see the Distance Learning Plan for Pillager School

SPED Distance Learning Plan

Map where you can find free community internet service

Helpful links for families about the school shutdown:
this is on talking to your kids about Coronavirus 

This is an informative article about Distance Learning

School-owned devices and email:

 Please note, school-issued Chromebooks and school gmail accounts are for school related content only. We currently have an off-site filtering program in place that will block all social media and streaming content that is not school related. Please use your personal devices and personal email addresses for such things as Netflix, Craigslist, etc. 

    If you come across a site that is blocked that you need for class, please contact your teacher and ask them to let Mr. Olson (Director of Teaching and Curriculum) know that his/her site is blocked.  
   If you have questions, please visit the User Agreement that was signed by parents at the time the Chromebook was checked out. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Mr. Olson directly. 


Student Distance Learning Attendance

 Here is a quick review of the attendance plan that is posted in the District Distance Learning Plan:

  • If the student has 3 or more reciprocal communications with the teacher - great!  The student is considered Present for the whole week.
  • If the student has 2 reciprocal communications with the teacher, the student will be marked absent for 1 day (It will be marked on Friday).
  • If the student had 1 reciprocal communication with the teacher, the student will be marked absent for 3 days  (It will be marked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday).
  • If the student had NO reciprocal communication with the teacher, the student will be marked absent for the entire week (They will contact an administrator or counselor to follow up with them.)
  • Case managers will do all attendance reporting for students with Individual Education Plans (IEPSs). 

Other notes:

  • Attendance does not equal credit or points for a class
  • All of these absences will be marked AU (absent unexcused)
  • Reciprocal contact = email to teacher, phone call with teacher, student logging into Schoology, student completing a Schoology assignment, participation in Google Hangouts, text messages with teacher (really, any communication at all with teacher) Each contact must be on different days.
  • A contact from the parent does not count as a contact with the student.
  • Parents will not be receiving auto-generated emails or phone calls concerning attendance.
  • April 6-9 is a 4 day week.  Therefore, the attendance plan will be adjusted accordingly:
    • 2 or more reciprocal communication = present all week
    • 1 reciprocal communication = absent 1 day (Thursday will be marked AU)
    • 0 reciprocal communication = absent all week (4 days)